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About Jimco Industries

Jimco Industries was founded by Ch. Nazir Hussain in 1965 Primarily, it was an exporting facility which rapidly focused entirely on surgical products to export around the globe. Dynamic leadership, skilled craftsmen and vigilant quality control led to establish high rated name in the healthcare industry.

In the beginning most of the instruments were produced for the pathology laboratory. As a result of high standard of quality and effortless struggle multiple demands of instruments was a unique opportunity. Jimco started to produce a variety of instruments covering heavy assortment of surgical procedures.

Over the decades, gradual sophistication is erupting, emphasizing highest healing results with the help of latest device applications. Responsibly, Jimco stands first to share the truth behind the dream.


Standard Management

Traceability standards and world renowned certification systems like GMP (FDA-US) ISO 9001:2000 & CE Mark are identically operative.


Management's philosophy and operating style encompass a broad range of characteristics. Company managers' authority and responsibilities are identified. Their attitude and actions are heading towards coordination between all departments. Quality assurance targets are achieved objectively.

Customer's satisfaction is the largest net benefit to the organization. We are thankful to our friends and consumers for the trust and favours to march ahead in service of the humanity.

Material procurement, designing, forging, milling, assembling, testing, packing, shipping or delivery tracking up to destination are monitored. Excellent relationship between the workers and seniors is established to get the jobs done in friendly environment.



Proper material is a key feature to produce standardized instruments. Quality stands first in our priorities while testing and evaluating the design obligations are supposed to match the destined results in the op theater.

Micro surgery instruments are not limited to neurosurgery, cardiovascular or any of its kind, but ultra delicate forceps, clamps, scissors, n/holders and alligator action items are wholeheartedly crafted with meticulous care.

Tungsten carbide inserts are implanted on many instruments, it ensures optimum life. Selection depends on customer's own choice and specifications.


Every JIMCO surgical instrument is manufactured to rigid quality control standards and is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship or pattern.

The JIMCO mark on each instrument is your assurance of reliability and performance.

Every shipment is issued with warranty card for maximum time limit supporting guarantee, issued by our agents, distributors & customers.



New procedures and latest techniques are related to innovation. Jimco from its inception is striving to up grade the manufacturing skill and deliver precision crafted instruments. Hence, our precision generating driving workforce is in the field of competence. New devices are undertaken to develop as per design & specific applications


1. To assure long life and satisfactory performance instruments should receive the following care.
2. Clean instruments thoroughly before placing into sterilization.
3. Do not allow instruments to remain in water or steam moisture for long periods.
4. Keep instruments away from strong minerals acids.
5. To ensure smooth working actions, treat the joints, boxes and threads with lubricants Regularly and use lubricating agents based on silicon spray / Para spin oil.
6. Stainless steel instruments should not be mixed with chrome plated instruments when sterilization is needed.
7. Don’t sterilize instruments with solutions having chlorides.
8. Reworked instruments should be discarded immediately.


1. Inspect and Sterilize instruments before use.
2. Use only for its intended purpose to ensure effectiveness and maximum life.
3. Follow the sterilization instruments recommended by the manufacturer.
4. Do not expose instruments to sterilization temperatures above 350 F - 177 C or to.
5. When instruments are hot air sterilized the temperature should be between 180C and 200C.
6. Normally autoclaving is performed with saturated water steam at 134C.
7. Sterilization solution must have the ph near 7C.
8. Use deionized water for sterilization and cleaning purpose.


1. Don’t use the rusty instruments.
2. Only qualified personnel should use the health care devices.
3. Sterilize before use.
4. Wash hands with anti bacterial soap before Use.